Phurnacite Pre-Packed Pallet


50 x 20kg, Full Pallet.



Nationwide delivery on half or full pallets.

Our Phurnacite is widely regarded as the No. 1 for smokeless fuel that provides a long lasting, consistent, and controllable heat. It is a versatile product and is ideal for use with Cookers, Room Heaters and Multi-fuel Stoves.

Available as 25 x 20kg Half Pallet orĀ 50 x 20kg Full Pallet.

Additional information


Full Pallet, Half Pallet


If you order large quantities of certain products and require a half pallet or full pallet, then we will deliver to the most suitable location on your property. This is because we will use a pump truck to complete the order and this vehicle needs a suitable surface to deliver to. If there is an unsuitable surface at your property, for instance a gravel driveway, then the nearest suitable point may be on the pavement.