Anthracite Beans Pre-Packed Pallet


50 x 20kg, Full Pallet.
Ideal for gravity fed and hopper fed boilers and cookers

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Nationwide delivery on half or full pallets.

Our Anthracite Beans are a smokeless fuel that provides a good, long lasting flame and produces very little ash. They are perfect for use with Gravity Feed Boilers and similar appliances.

Anthracite beans are approved for use in smokeless zones.

Available as 25 x 20kg Half Pallet orĀ 50 x 20kg Full Pallet.

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Full Pallet, Half Pallet


If you order large quantities of certain products and require a half pallet or full pallet, then we will deliver to the most suitable location on your property. This is because we will use a pump truck to complete the order and this vehicle needs a suitable surface to deliver to. If there is an unsuitable surface at your property, for instance a gravel driveway, then the nearest suitable point may be on the pavement.